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$50 To add all 8 studies event

Studies include:

  • Soft Tissue Neck
  • Jugular Vein
  • Venae Cavae
  • Bile Duct
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Iliac Arteries
  • Leg Veins

In Home ultrasound! Covid-19 protocol. CMD has State Lic Radiologist and Cardiologist.

What to expect

  • When you arrive and sign in, we call you in to be seen. 
  • We provide private, tented areas large enough to bring in family members or friends to accompany you.
  • We do not require removal of any clothing but request loose fitting clothing and ask you to avoid wearing dresses.
  • We use a small amount of  hypoallergenic gel  on your neck, belly and legs.  The screening goes pretty quickly.
  • The ultrasound tech will document everything found onto a worksheet and explain what was found.  We also answer any questions you may have at that time.
  • We can also provide radiology, cardiology reports and images.

What sets us apart

  • Our techs work in medical offices Tues-Thurs and on various weekends provide screening Fri-Sun. 
  • The same attention given in a hospital or medical practice setting is applied in this screening.
  • Documentation for a screening is different than that of a medical practice allowing for greater efficiency in testing. 
  • With over 15 years experience, skill lends to quality, accuracy and speed.


SAME DAY report!

Over 18 years experienced!

$100 for all 12 studies Las Vegas  Ultrasound Event Las Vegas Ultrasound screening

Studies include:

  •     THYROID
  •     CAROTID
  •     HEART
  •     AORTA
  •     LIVER
  •     KIDNEY
  •     SPLEEN
  •     PANCREAS
  •     PROSTATE
  •     BLADDER
  •     PELVIC
  •     LEG ARTERY

            We welcome you to CMD Ultrasound
                    Health Fair Screening Events

                               Dec 10, 2023

                                  Hampton Inn
                                  7850 Giles St.
                                  Las Vegas NV  89123

Take an opportunity to receive an evaluation of 12-13 ultrasound screens not typically available to patients in most medical settings.
Be proactive in helping your doctor understand your health,
beyond the typical health evaluation or physical.
Beyond the stethoscope!

Stop Covid-19

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(702) 209-5983 

$20 to add each study Event

  • Breast
  • Male Breast
  • Testicular
  • Soft Tissue/Hernia 
  • Belly Fat Thickness    

Now Offering IN HOME Ultrasound!

$200 for 12 area screening         $250 Hospital equivelant study

Las Vegas Ultrasound