Why use CMD?

CMD is been in business since 2002 and has performed tens of thousands of ultrasounds through the years. Many practitioners in our local communities have come to know CMD as a well-known, proven company to base preventative low-cost diagnostics with.  We have developed thousands of followers that we see on an annual basis.  Many physicians in the local communities request our health fliers and often we meet patients that their doctors refer to us when we host our health fairs.  The reason is, we have proven ourselves over the years time and time again. 

We are primarily in physicians offices providing doctors with ultrasound that doctors order for the patient's in their offices.  We got involved with the local hospital nonprofit organization in their community health fairs.  For first two years, we provide ultrasound screens for the community at no charge.  We screened thousands of patients.   Patients would donate money none the less and CMD was able to use these donations to purchase five automatic defibrillators to the local schools.

In our third year, we decided to charge for service.  Our low cost service offers more service than any other known ultrasound screening company in United States.

We align many people with medical practitioners.  We motivate patients to be inspired and become proactive in their health.  Patients with or without insurance pay for our services because many with or without insurance cannot get access to this level of diagnostics.  It is our experience that we find anywhere from one to five abnormalities in about 70% of the patients we see.  They usually ranged in the minor but occasion we find very serious issues. We counsel the patient on everything we see and what their doctor may consider.  We want to make sure patients have a good understanding of what we find and what to research so that they are better informed and prepared to collaborate with their doctor.

Preventative care is what CMD is about. In some cases, CMD finds abnormalities with patients who thought they were completely healthy, they are now inspired to go see their doctor or even seek a doctor for the first time.  The patient takes in our worksheet and presents it to their doctor , from there their doctor will order testing to confirm what we stating on the worksheet.

~ For example, let's say we state that there is a thyroid nodule in the thyroid and the patient has absolutely no symptoms.  The patient takes the worksheet to their doctor and their doctor looks at thyroid blood work and determines that the hormone levels of the thyroid are normal.  The doctor then orders their own in ultrasound of the thyroid at a hospital or imaging center based off our screen findings. 

The doctor receives the report and confirms we were always correct in our screen reporting.  From there the doctor may consider referring the patient to a specialist.  The specialist than would receive the radiology report from the patient's doctor and even consider ordering their own ultrasound in office.  At that point the doctor will be able to identify the nodule and take a needle biopsy of the nodule to look at the cells for cancer.  They may also send it to a pathologist for them to determine any findings of cancer cells. 

The patient may schedule a follow-up once the laboratory reports return to the office.  More than likely, the nodule is not a concern and a specialist will schedule a follow-up one year later.  The patient then goes back to their doctor and their doctor may consider ordering blood work a year from now.

~ In the case of one of our family members, it turned out to be a malignant cancer mass.  The thyroid was removed, and the family member was put on thyroid hormone levels adequate for normal health and is doing well.

Another case was a 911 dispatcher we saw her after her appointment with the urologist.  We identified a mass on her right kidney to her surprise and later her doctor's surprise.  The biopsy was ordered and found to be malignant cancer.  She was scheduled for surgery and is doing fine but it was stated by the urologist, a specialist, that had she not had such a screening she may not be here today.  The story ran in the local newspaper entitled the Magic wand and is available upon request.

If you look at the example of the thyroid findings, you see that the patient was looked at very closely and later cleared as having no concern.  This may seem like a waste of money or maybe seen as a very thorough evaluation into one's health as it should be.  Too many people die unnecessarily or suffer with diseases that they shouldn't have to endure.

~ The CEO of one medical hospital we worked in the same city with, called our company to offer thanks because he stated they saw 35 new patients based on our findings.  He stated that some were potentially life-threatening and more than likely it averted serious consequences.

~ We were called by the ER director of Kingman Regional Medical Center to thank us for our efforts and finding as we saw a patient that was very critical and the doctor stated the patient would have Likely died had they not attended our screening (Thanks Mike Ward MD)!

Many practitioners cannot order this type of diagnostics.  This is due to the environment of our current medical practice in the United States.  In most cases, doctors will only treat you if you have a symptom.

More than ever doctors follow the practice of what insurance companies will pay for to include drug therapy.  Large health-care corporations dictate what they will or won't pay for and in turn, this may mean that patients in most cases will not have access to lifesaving screenings such as those that our ultrasound company provides.

Increasingly, insurance companies deny standard procedures more and more these days that in years past were allowed.  It is our opinion that this is extremely wrong approach to staying healthy.  Often is the case that we find issues that are potentially life-threatening without any symptoms whatsoever.

It's not that the doctor is not doing the job, it is that medicine in the way it is currently practiced, has the potential to fail patients.  We see this firsthand unfortunately.  This is what we do what we do as an ultrasound company. It makes a huge impact in so many lives. You can develop your own opinion of what's really going on in healthcare but our company offers alternatives to aid in the optimization of staying healthy.

We meet many people in our health fairs that believe they have no reason to see a physician.  Often we counsel them and use an example of caring for their vehicle.  They take their car in for service, though it's running well. They do it because they want to maintain good performance and longevity of their vehicle.  Their mechanic performs various checks to determine everything looks fine and maybe even recommends an oil change or tire rotation before making that trek across the desert. They may identify a bulge on the inside of the tire and potentially save the vehicle from a rollover had it not been found, wrecking the entire vehicle over missing a simple check.

The owner of the company, used a truck to transport equipment from a health fair.  Returning home a small radiator hose broke much like an aortic aneurysm and bled out all its fluids destroying my motor.  Had the truck been taken to get an evaluation, it should still be operational today.

The same can be applied when you see your doctor.  The doctor is looking for abnormalities by taking a blood pressure, looking in your throat, checking your ears and eyes, taking your temperature, weighing you, listening to your heart, listening to your lungs, looking at your skin, maybe even draw blood. 

All of these things are evaluations done on a patient without any symptoms whatsoever.  Ultrasound screenings are no different!  We are looking for things that present with or without symptoms.  What we do is a relatively old philosophy with new technology that offers a far superior level of convenience. 

Is a waste of time and money?  That depends on who you ask.  Is it cheaper to prevent a heart attack or identify cancer early or is it cheaper to treat it afterwards.  In today's environment most of us cannot afford insurance until 65 and even then it's difficult on our budgets. If you're the primary source of income for your family and your partner is raising children, you develop a stroke, who will provide financial support for your family?  How will you pay for medical costs?  What will you have to give up suffering a stroke or heart attack? 

Ultrasound is relatively inexpensive.  Being proactive and staying healthy is far less expensive than living a very unhealthy lifestyle and paying for therapies and treatments to fix something that many in America refuse to motivate themselves out of.

A documentary on how to reverse diabetes with 16 doctors, two of which were psychologists.  The 14 doctors spoke on how to reverse diabetes. The psychologists stated understand the human mind, "People don't change until it hurts too much not to change"!

CMD seeks to connect patients with doctors.

Often in the Southwest we receive a lot of winter visitors.  They too are counseled by our company in finding a position though they may have one back home.  I question the length of their visitation often it turns out that they stay for six or seven months.  I ask them if their vehicle breaks down here, do the wait to go home to get it fixed or do they find a mechanic here.

CMD advises them, should they become ill and wind up in an environment where the treating physician has no information on them, they may not receive the best of care.  If they established with the local physician, that physician can coordinate care by receiving all the patient's information and therapies. If they need a prescription or any procedures, it can be done more conveniently and accurately. 

Then when they go back home, their doctor not only has the information about their patient but can focus on other aspects of health care for that patient. They agree with the logic and seek to establish themselves as a new patient in the local community that the visiting.

CMD has developed a very efficient way of providing screenings for patients that go beyond belief for some.  As where performing the screenings, we explain what we are seeing in documenting at the same time.  We  explain to the patient what they might expect from their doctor or what they can research themselves to help understand more about what we discovered.

We explain to the patient that many other companies provide beautiful images and radiology reports.  We do as well.  However, most doctors do not know how to read radiology film such as ultrasounds.  So working in the medical offices as we do, we are the receivers of theses reports. The doctor orders his or her own ultrasound and throws the images in the trash.  It's been our experience over the years that no doctor will treat a patient based on an outside service a patient elected to pay for unless that doctor specifically ordered their own study. No doctor would want to risk their license. Our reports do however open the door to allow the doctor to order their own study.  Our worksheets have our phone numbers for any physician to investigate for themselves our findings.

Ultimately, what we are is a glorified medical photographer.  However we are trained to know what we are looking at and understand what treatment options are.  We counsel the patient to discuss this with their physician but we help educate them and understanding what we know and where to find answers prior to their appointment with their physician.

We ensure that the patients understand that we are not medical practitioners in any way nor do we hold any such medical license to practice medicine.  We want to make absolutely sure the patient understands that anything we tell them about our findings is understood that it's coming from a technician, not a doctor.

Does this mean that we don't know what we're not educated in our findings?  Absolutely not!  In many cases we can provide you with more information about what we found beyond the ability of many internal medicine and in general practitioner doctors. It's not unusual for the doctors to ask us what we looking at.  Our findings aid the medical office to make decisions based on our interpretations prior to a radiologists interpretation.

Example.  The patient comes in with a suspected blood clot in the leg, the doctor will ask us to perform an urgent ultrasound to identify any blood clots in the leg.  The doctor then questions our findings, from there sends the patient to the emergency room.

Another example is doing in an abdominal aortic study in finding an aneurysm that's on the verge of rupture.  We inform the doctor and the doctor then sends the patient to the emergency room.

One more example is that we're doing an ultrasound of the heart and notice the heart goes into fibrillation.  We we'll alert the physician and he calls 911 and at the same time performs an EKG while awaiting paramedics based on the ultrasound technicians findings.

There are some limitations to ultrasound, but it's up to the experience of the stenographer to identify limitations on a case-by-case basis and be able to accurately communicate limitations so that physicians can make a determination to use alternative diagnostic evaluations to achieve a diagnosis.  This can only come from experience!

That is what we offer and that is who we are.  We are a non-attorney spokesperson in this case we are highly qualified non-physicians spokesperson! Understand the law that governs practicing medicine. If you offer medical advice under the pretense that you are a medical provider such as a nurse practitioner, physician's assistant or a doctor. In a nutshell, If it's understood that you are offering medical advice to take an aspirin for a headache, so long as the person you're offer advice to understands you're not a doctor, you are not practicing medicine.

Can a medical assistant take and tell you your height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, breath sounds, oxygen saturation, heart rate, PFT results and more? YES!

Is this practicing medicine NO! As you should be well aware they are not a doctor or practitioner.

This is no different than a sonographer telling you what they see during a scan, writing down what they see to give to your doctor so they can order their own testing to confirm our preliminary findings!

That's it!  As plainly as it can be explained.



CMD is a mobile ultrasound company that provides ultrasound in the physicians office since 2002. 

In 2004, CMD also established itself as a low-cost ultrasound screen company offering very low rates for the community to afford.

In physicians offices, we provide physician ordered ultrasounds.  We provide low-cost "cash for service" ultrasounds in the physicians office ordered by the physician.

 In the field, at various locations, we host low-cost screens for the community.  CMD has provided screenings since 2004 and perfected methods that are proficient in flowing through the process to provide smooth, professional service that only experience can develop. 

What does that mean?

We are very good at what we do through years of experience!

Come see why we are second to none!

Doctors and Medical groups CMD  had/has business with providing in office ultrasounds:

MDVIP Westalake Village CA

Dr Edward Portnoy (Internal Medicine)

Mesquite Medical Assc Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Walter Sosey (Internal Medicine)

Powers Family PracticeLake Havasu AZ

Dr Thomas J Powers (Internal Medicine)

Western Mountain Medial Bullhead City AZ

Dr Nabila Azlam (Internal Medicine)

Mohave Family Healthcare Ft Mohave AZ

Dr Brian Womack (Internal Medicine)

Havasu Foot & Ankle Center Lake Havasu AZ

DPM Robert Novack (Podiatric )

Scottsdale Urology Scottsdale AZ

Dr Mitchell Kay (Urologist)

Rio Vista Surgical Associates Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Abe Saiz (Surgery)

Kingman Cardiology Kingman, AZ

Dr Kumar Shantha  (Cardiology)

Dr. Saadeh Saadeh (Cardiology)

Lake View Family Health Care Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Kelly Ward (Internal Medicine)

Dr Mike Ward (Internal Medicine)

Dr Byrd (Pediatric Medicine)

Jennifer Masche PA

Cardiology Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Edward Quinn (Cardiology)

Bluewater Internal medicine Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Brian Sabowitz (Internal Medicine)

Cornerstone Family Healthcare Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Michael Rosen (Internal Medicine)

Dr Kristy Whelan (Internal Medicine)

Dr Teressa Tibbits (Internal Medicine)

Dr. R. Douglas Hade (Internal Medicine)

Las Vegas Urology Las Vegas NV

Dr Eliot Horowitz (Urology)

Dr Scott L. Baranoff (Urology)

Southwest Surgery Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Terrence Gleason (Urology)

Dr Alexander Zilberman (Surgery)

Dr Nicholas Rizzo (Surgery)

Southwest Urology Lake Havasu AZ

Dr Robert Nickolisen, MD (Urology)

Dr John C. Lin (Urology)

Institute of UrologyFt Mohave AZ

Dr Arnaldo Tabucco (Urology)

Havasu Imaging Lake Havasu City AZ


and more...

CMD trains and evaluates their own sonographers to perform above industry standard regardless of credentials. Credentialing alone is limited to gauge a sonographers skill and abilities to perform. Competence is evaluated in a case by case basis by CMD and evaluated before they are allowed to perform ultrasound studies. Because of this, CMD image accusation proficiency is second to no one!

What dose this mean?  Good test takers should not be the only measure of a sonographers ability to perform.

Despite educational achievements, abilities to pass tests or affiliate with accrediting bodies, CMD holds their sonographers to a higher standard of performance and evaluation.

 CMD understands that nongovernmental businesses and organizations may not always serve to protect the best interest of consumers. There are many entities that are in the "business" of credentialing and yes, people are paid very well to maintain their relevance.

CMD's 16 years of business experience has shed light of this industries disappointing fact. We need to do better for our patients and  be very transparent to know what revenue is generated and used for under the umbrella of "PATIENT CONSUMER PROTECTION".

If you can rationalize that $350k - $400k annual employee compensation for these businesses and organizations requires a means of relevance to maintain their existence.

Some of the entities staff sit on several mirrored companies with similar compensations earning a combined compensation of 300k - 900k annually.  

 In other words, there are entities that exists that attempt to non-governmentally "govern" industries for  the propose of  generating  revenue under the guise of protecting the consumer. We see this in many industries.

To add, some of these companies in its self should be evaluated for their own quality and performance if you research the class action lawsuits filed by the professional they seek to govern. Just type "lawsuits" and the organizations name to find background on this industry of test administrations.

Look up and organizations "NPO form 990 reporting" and see what compensations are paid out. See:  (schedule J (Form 990) Officers ,Directors, Trustees ,Key Employees, and Highest Compensated Employees) and Judge for yourself

CMD has worked with "MANY" credentialed sonographers. Using a credential, though we recognize individual achievements and successes, is no longer the only relevance for CMD to put out a quality performer.

Owners BIO

Steve Astorga, owner of CMD joined Army in 1987 as a Parachute Rigger and Paratrooper in Military Free Fall and assigned to JFKSWC Ft Bragg NC, home of the Green Beret. Steve was a section leader over seeing the Military Free Fall section at SWC. Steve re-enlisted in 1990 during Desert Storm and tested Military Free Fall equipment at Yuma Proving Grounds AZ till 1992. 

Steve worked in marketing and sales before later becoming a respiratory therapist.  Employment included UCLA Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente Cardiac Unit, and Children Hospital Los Angeles. As a lead tech in their intensive care units and the ER, Steve also was a part of  the flight transport team and the Intravenous IV Team as a "therapist" for CHLA . 

In 1999 Steve attended school in Heart sonography and later trained under physicians to become vascular and general ultrasound qualified. In early 2002 Steve established CMD and provided ultrasound throughout the Arizona, Colorado River cities. 

As an owner and sonographer, Steve has been able to develop CMD and advance the company to a level of professionalism

that is unmatched.

About ultrasound screening

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What is so special about ultrasound versus other diagnostic imaging?

Ultrasound uses sound waves to achieve images.  Totally safe and painless.  Unlike x-ray, CT scan, or MRI, Ultrasound uses live video mode to look actively at various body parts and organs. We are able to scan through each organ as many times as we need and in any direction or depth to evaluate what we're looking at.  We have the ability to zoom in and out all looking at an area's of interest in a live video format.

 We can also determine blood flow and actively record velocities through vessels, unlike other diagnostic imaging.  This is what sets ultrasound in a class by itself.  Ultrasound however is very user dependent and requires years to develop synergistic quality of imaging.

Other forms of imaging require slicing through an area using established segments and are done in a single pass, unable to alter the image quality during the image pass like ultrasound can.  Ultrasound can be adjusted on the fly to obtain the most accurate image. 

Make no mistake, ultrasound can produce superior images to other diagnostic imaging however ultrasound can be limited, at times may not always be the best way to achieve an image. In the hands of a qualified technician can indeed produce fantastic images outperforming other equipment.  Ultrasound more often is highly accurate and allows the doctor to base surgical procedures decisions.